Machine Skates and hydraullic jacks


Machine skates and Hydraulic jacks are tools that come in handy especially in a warehouse or industrial set up. They are both used to operate heavy loads. Each of them is designed in a specific way that is able to withstand pressure and friction.

Machine Skates

Machine skates use wheels to move loads. They are used in the industrial scene to move heavy loads. Since there are different types of surfaces on which the skates can move, they come in different builds such as the nylon skates that are more suitable for a smooth floor and polyurethane machine skates for the rough floors.

Machine skates are built in a way that is able to withstand sudden pressure and bumpy grounds. Using machine skates to move loads has an advantage in that they are flexible and can be manipulated depending on the type of surface and load .They are also very safe and are very simple to operate.

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks are also used to lift heavy loads although they use a different mechanism form that of the machine skates. They are pressure systems that use oil in two cylinders to create effort once the plunger is pulled. They have the ability to lift heavy loads of even as much as 200 tones. A simple application of a hydraulic jack is when it is used to lift a car. Hydraulic Jacks are also quite effective if used correctly with the recommended oil. They are also simple to use after following instructions.


Machine skates and hydraulic jacks are very useful equipment depending on whether a load needs moving or lifting. If a load needs to be moved or lifted, then all you have to do is combine the two. They are easy and safe to use and guarantee to make work easier.