Designer Fashions On A Tight Budget

Shopping Designer Fashions On A Tight Budget

Not everybody is privileged enough to be part of the one percent. Many of us have to refrain from going on extravagant shopping sprees and scouring both stores and the Internet for the best deals on current designer fashions. Even when money is tight, you can still manage to fill your wardrobe with clothes(ka-sha) you’ll enjoy wearing – and you won’t become fearful of your credit card bill at the end of the month.

As the bank account balance begins to diminish, start by redefining the word “sale.” Don’t get excited for the 10% off sale at your favorite store or the free gift with a $50 purchase. Instead, use your willpower and wait for better sales like 40% off and higher. Don’t settle for anything lower. And a Buy-one, get-one half off will just force you to purchase a secondary item you may not need.

While it might seem counter-intuitive, you should continue buying. It’s easy to see why you would want to hold off on purchasing any clothing for some time while you’re on a budget. But by holding out, you might be more tempted to binge shop when the time comes for a fashion fix. You’ll end up spending more on fashion accessories and apparel than normal. Set aside some money that you’re willing to spend on clothing and treat yourself to something small every so often. Always pay with cash though. Confessions of a Shopaholic should have taught you the perils of a credit card.

Another bit of advice that might seem off balance is to shop in season. True, designer fashions will be cheaper towards the end of the season and especially out of season. This is okay if you’re looking for basically anything to wear. But for those who want to keep up with fashion trends(sari), you need to shop in the season, so you do not miss out. Buying at the end of the season on clothing you know won’t be considered fashionable next year is a waste of effort and money!

Don’t let yourself become a prude when it comes to choosing clothing stores. There is nothing wrong with shopping at secondhand and discount stores. Every New Yorker at least understands its significance, and it’s why the city is riddled with vintage and discount shops. There are also many online wholesalers selling designer clothes at discounted prices. You can often find popular items for 50% off or more.

Lastly, learn how to create your fashions. Learn the art of sewing and get a sewing machine. You can easily fix up worn out jeans or Scarves or a cute accessory(Semi precious stones) to add to an outfit.

Make Fashion Work For You