In any salon to exist there should be some essential furniture that will enable the place to run smoothly. in this article i will be explaining some furniture and work areas and the uses for these.

barber station; in this station u will find things like the mirrors, clippers,shears,clipper brush to clean all the hairs and clipper oil to make sure the blades run don’t rust,a barber chair, towels,combs a variety of them i must say,scissors also a variety for different uses and shampoo for cleaning the clients hair most importantly you will be required to have sterilizer to make sure your machines are always sterilized before using them on another client.

salon chair; the chairs are used for various functions it can be for hair dressing,styling and hair drying. they are rotatable chairs and they are designed to make your clients comfortable even for long hours.

beauty beds; used for mostly massages and pedicures.

salon stool; this are flexible stools that are designed to ideally move from one location to another,they can roll easily and mostly used for pedicures and manicures in some rare occasions they can be used when u plaiting a child and u want to sit down to be near them.

backwash unit; this area should ideally have a seat that is attached with a sink and a fixed water flow system, shampoo,conditioner and a towel area for convenience.

having written all this there are other furniture tools needed but this only depends on your preferences .