About Machine Skates and Hydraulic Jacks

Some working tools perform best when combined. For example, devices such as the machine skates and the hydraulic jack work magic in lifting and moving heavy objects. What are these two great tools?

Machine skates

The machine skates, best known as skates, are great working tools used for carrying heavy machinery. The device utilizes rollers to move heavy objects (https://www.htsdirect.com/) . Therefore, machine skates will always use another working tool to lift the load being moved.

The Hydraulic jacks.

The hydraulic jack also referred to as screw jack is a device essential for lifting the heavy loads, or you can use it in applying great force. This device uses a screw thread in combination with the hydraulic power to raise the loads. The tool is only be used to lift the load being carried.

The relationship between the machine skates and the hydraulic jacks.

The machine skates are crafted with wheels at the bottom and a full platform at the top which is used for carrying heavy objects. On the other hand, the hydraulic jacks are made with a screw thread which is used together with hydraulic power to lift heavy objects from the ground (https://www.htsdirect.com/products/pick-and-carry-cranes/gb-series-mini-crane/) . Therefore, you use the hydraulic jack to lift the loads and then transport them with the machine skates.

How to choose the best machine skates and hydraulic jacks

  • Quality material.

The two working tools should be made of quality material to enable them to withstand the heavy loads that you want to move and lift. They are both put under enormous pressure when lifting and transporting heavy loads. So, to withstand the pressure and last long, they have to be made of high quality and robust materials.

  • The weight limit.

The choice of the weight limit depending on what to lift and carry. The hydraulic jacks are designed in different sizes with different weights minimal. Some hydraulic jacks can lift to 1000 tons while others have a limit of about 500 tons. Also, the machine jacks have the amount of weight limit that the wheels can hold.

Hence, the choice will depend on your job. If you work in an industry that requires constant movement of heavy loads, choose the devices with a high weight limit to prevent limitation of the items you can lift and transport.

Which industries benefit from machine skates and hydraulic jacks

  • Warehouses or stockrooms.

A lot of things are stored in such industrial settings. If the warehouse is used for storing manufacturing products, then a lot of load movements will be needed when moving the raw materials to the manufacturing department. Hence, these two devices make the process possible, even in areas with limited spaces since they do not require extra-large space for turning and even storage.

  • Automotive manufacturing places.

Hydraulic jacks are used in repairing vehicles as they easily lift the body when changing a tire, or if you want to check under the car. Still, a combination of the hydraulic jacks and machine stakes can also be used in the manufacturing section. A lot of vehicle part movements happen when a car is being fixed, hence using the two devices makes the work to be smooth and quick. They can support hefty tons of weight a feature that makes them fit for the industry.

  • Construction.

Whether it is a construction of a bridge, a house, or even a small project, a lot of lifting and load movement are shared. So, you can use these two devices to carry the materials needed at the construction site.


Machine stakes and hydraulic jacks have a variety of application in various industrial sectors (https://www.htsdirect.com/lifting-equiptment/machine-skates/machine-skates-uk/) . They are convenient in lifting, and moving loads where some big machines like forklifts cannot fit. They are made with different weight limits; a factor one has to be considered when buying them. Also, they complement each other since the hydraulic jack lifts the loads, while the machine jacks move the load to the required position. Seek professional advice from Hydraulic Jack & Machine Moving Skates Specialists